Top Tips For Moister Cake and A Better Fondant Experience

Below we will walk through the steps I took while making the Nurse Scrub Cake.

Nurse Scrub Cake

Nurse Scrub Cake

the Cake, Icing, and Fondant

The cake was chocolate with whipped cream and strawberry filling. It was coated in vanilla swiss buttercream icing (so the fondant would better adhere).

It was then put into the fridge for a few hours to allow the buttercream to get hard. The buttercream helps hold the moisture in the cake.

After removing from the fridge, the rough areas were smoothed (which is easier when the icing is more solidified). It also helps in smoothing the fondant and eases creating accurate shapes.

The MM (marshmallow) fondant was then rolled and lain over the cake.

Use a fondant smoother to make the surface nice and even.

Storing the Cake Properly

I wrap my cakes in a garbage bag when storing so the icing does not melt. Melting will cause the cake to start drooping, especially when stacking (I learned the hard way).

The garbage bag prevents condensation from building on the fondant.

The day of delivery, I make decorations and accessories to spice up the cake.

I wrap it back up and put the cake, with accessories, back in fridge until a few minutes before delivery. The goal is to bring the cake to room temperature, without melting (my kitchen gets really hot).

The fondant holds the moisture in the cake nicely (as long as it’s not overcooked or dried out).

I always make the fondant the day before I use it. It helps maintain a nice texture as well as smooth out any lumps of sugar that may still be in the mix.