Crib Cake for Baby Shower

Crib Cake for Baby Shower

Crib Cake for Baby Shower

This is a baby shower crib cake made for a friend of mine. She has an older son, and has been trying to become pregnant again for several years after losing children during previous pregnancies.

I wanted this cake to be very special for her. I first contemplated making a bassinet, but in the long run a crib seemed less trying.

The headboard and baseboard are made of fondant, gave it several days to dry, and painted it with Wilton icing colors mixed with lemon extract; then left it to rest for a couple more days so it would harden.

The cake was blue velvet, since she was having a boy, and I also did blues on the outside. Everything was made from fondant and is edible, except for the side rails which were  painted skewers because I ran short on time. The top rails are Twizzlers wrapped in fondant and painted.

She absolutely loved it, and kept the top decorations for his first birthday cake.

It was so much fun doing the details!

Crib Cake Baseboard

Headboard and Baseboard made out of fondant that dried and hardened over several days.

Crib Cake Edible Accessories

Everything is edible except for the top rails. They are skewers wrapped in fondant and painted.